Helping Tennesse Keep Children Safe




  • We are proud of the Lodges that have held events thus far, they have done a wonderful job and our children are becoming safer because of their hard work. Thank you all.
  • Check out our Event Photos page and see some of the photos of events that have been held so far and we are adding new photos all the time!



    TN CHIP was established to raise public awareness concerning the risk of abduction or exploitation that our children now face in today's society. At each TN CHIP Event parents are provided, at no cost, a Complete ID Package that has been designed to provide a thorough description of their child. Each Id Packet contains vital identifying items for a child such as comprehensive identification questionnaire, hair samples, DNA sample, etc… The ID packets are retained by the parents and each parent is encouraged to annually update their child's ID kit as they grow with a current photo and any other pertinent information about their child that may aid Law Enforcement Agencies in the recovery of their child should the unthinkable ever happen.  



    The Map above shows states that currently participate in the MasoniCHIP Program. The grid to the right of that shows how many events were held in each state for 2011


We would like to thank:

The Most Worshipful Grand Master of Tennessee F&AM 2012

Brother Laddie Wilson

    Brother Wilson brought the TNCHIP program to fruition when he became head of freemasonry for the state of Tennessee in 2012. After Brother Wilson got the ball rolling and assigned brothers to inform lodges state wide of this program, lodges have been jumping on board, more than willing to take part. This program is taking off in an all-out effort to keep our children safe. All you have to do to take part is attend an event, fill in your child’s info and take it home with you. Update it periodically and keep it close at hand.